ETS Internal Graduate Scholarships in Canada 2021

Ecole de Technologie Superieure is currently accepting applications for ETS High School for the 2021/2022 academic year.

As the university focuses on Information Technology, thecole de Technologie Supérieure is part of the Université du Québec. ÉTS, which focuses on technology and technology transfer technology and uses applied research, engineers and researchers are learning the famous hand-held method and ground-breaking method.

Since its inception, hasTS has pursued a mission to meet the needs of the industry. Therefore, there are no separate reports from other universities in Quebec due to the usual training given to the students, its research activities and the institutes.

Each year, ÉTS collaborates with 1,200 organizations that provide collaborative work standards to professionals and rely on professionals with support to develop industry-leading applications. Depending on the school’s work on technology transfer to organizations, more than 60% of research studies are provided directly from the company or in connection with activities conducted with the business.

At ÉTS, bachelor’s programs have more testing and exercise sessions than any other college technology program in Quebec.

For high school candidates, ÉTS offers undergraduate and PhD programs in a variety of technical disciplines, as well as Bachelor’s degrees and diplomas for people who want to motivate.

For all candidates, etoTS education programs are based on job search. They provide candidates with unparalleled expertise from companies and corporations.

One in four students in Quebec who are pursuing a degree in technology have joined ÉTS, making it one of the region’s top universities offering undergraduate programs. ÉTS is one of the top five technology departments or schools in Canada.

Thanks to the help of the company and partner institutions, professors / researchers work extensively in several research labs, chairs and associations within ÉTS. They make further contributions through their work for the advancement of science and the development of Quebec skills and competitiveness, as well as the training of skilled workers.

The value of ETS High School

ETS High Schools aims to support eligible students and undergraduates are $ 7,500 per semester.

Possibility for ETS Internal Education Centers

During the competition:

  • Available in full-time enrollment (external enrollment limit at 3) in postgraduate (including education) or PhD program in ÉTS;
  • There must be no surplus;
    You must receive a prize of $ 10,000 or more each year you receive in the
  • competition / selection process (e.g. NSERC partners, Best Rewards, or others).

In addition, for the top candidates:

  • Average average 3.5 / 4.3 in the current reading system.

In addition, for PhD candidates:

  • Comprehension test (DGA1030) passed.

Required documents

Documents for electronic mail:

Application Form (received January 4, 2021)

PDF documents will be emailed to

  • Confirm delivery or receipt of unpublished or unpublished communications, if applicable.

How to Implement ETS Secondary Schools

  • Mandatory submissions must be submitted electronically through the Application Process (received January 4, 2021).
  • Similarly, PDF documents should be sent by email to [protected email]
  • The assurance of the delivery or receipt of unpublished or unpublished communications may be relevant in any way.

Optional Information for ETS High School

  • Learning enjoyment (40% Master / PhD 10%);
  • Research description (Master 30% / PhD 50%);
  • Publishing (Master 10% / PhD 20%);
  • Discussion / conference (5%);
  • Communication and leadership skills (15%).