Concordia Presidential Scholarships in Canada 2021

Concordia College of Leadership Education in Canada is fully funded and open to international and local opponents. The teachers of the school offer the program (s) to the Primary level in all subjects taught at the University of Concordia. The deadline for reading is 01 Feb 2021.

Located in the luxury and cultural city of Montreal, Concordia University is one of the world’s leading universities established over the past 50 years and one of the largest city universities in Canada.

While Concordia’s thinking of the next generation makes him hopeful, its roots are rooted in two unique institutions of higher learning, both with unforgettable history. The University was founded on August 24, 1974, following the merger of Sir George Williams University with Loyola University.

Concordia University welcomes foreign lecturers each year from around the world to study, research and improve at their university.

Concordia Presidential College is a new program, awarded a full scholarship program designed to support students who have excelled, who have demonstrated academic excellence, community leadership and encouragement from development. countries of the world. This account will provide training and funding, books and money transfers based on Concordia housing prices. Each year, an award will be given to up to 2 candidates from each teacher.

Step by Step:

The Master of Concordia has been approved to conduct Primary level programs at the University of Concordia.

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These titles are available for reading under this curriculum.

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Countries of relevant countries:

Candidates who pay foreign currency are eligible to apply.

Benefits of Concordia Leadership Scholarships

Concordia University offers support to all undergraduate students who have demonstrated degrees, good leadership and are motivated to excel internationally. This program will:

  • close tuition and fees,
  • books
  • money transfer according to Concordia residential value.

It is a regular renewal for up to four years provided that the candidates meet all the renewal requirements.

Applications for Concordia Leadership Reading

To qualify, candidates must meet all of the following criteria:

  • The first time he went to college.
  • Participate full-time in undergraduate programs.
  • Foreign Studentibi, pay the international candidate fee in full.
  • Start studying at Concordia High School in Fall 2021.

How to Concordia Leadership Courses

An online application form must be filled out to sign in and must be submitted to the My Concordia student site. You will need candidates to complete the Application Form

  • Supporting documents: They must have recently produced a CV listing all of their work, volunteer skills, culture, honors, and other achievements.
  • Personal Information – describes the leader of their region with a view to advancing the world, and explains how accepting this application will help them to pursue their academic goals and achieve their personal and educational goals.
  • Entry Requirements: Candidates must be in a good academic position with a GPA of at least 2.00.
  • Language Requirements: Candidates must meet the University’s English requirements.

One must also select candidates who can demonstrate their successes and attitudes. Voters must be those who know the candidates and their achievements well. Generally, a voter cannot be a close friend or relative. This option is to fill out the voter package and email it to The ballot box must contain the following:

  • Select Form
  • A personal statement of 1000 people explaining why they think the candidate is the most suitable person to prepare for the Concordia Presidential Study.
  • Email Client: IDNN__School Student Selection Options (Example: Doe_12345678 Studentasa Main Reader Selection)
  • Filename: StudentLastName_StudentFirstName_StudentID # _Nominator (Example: Doe_John_12345678_Nominator)

Selection Process for Concordia Leadership Studies

Candidates and voters will each receive an email confirmation fee when their package is full. Incomplete materials will be removed without notice. All applications will be reviewed by the Academic Affairs Committee and the Honors Committee. Once a decision has been made, candidates will be notified by email.