Arranged employment vs work reference letter for Express Entry

I noticed recently that many people who are looking for a Passport include job descriptions and job letters. So, I decided to write this article and explain the issue.

  • What is a token?
  • What is a service setup?
  • The difference between a letter of thought and a planned work
  • Can I use older services for Express installation?
  • Let’s help!

What is a token?
The project description addresses the following topics:

  • Your employer’s name
  • When you start working for an employer
  • His position with the company
  • Whether the job is full-time or part-time
  • If not paid or paid
  • Your to-do list
  • Your salary
  • When you have finished work for the company or if the work is in progress…

Please read my piece on this subject for more information. Regardless, the official job description letter does not provide any set functionality.

What is a service setup?
Unlike a job letter, the job offer expands the status of working with the employer. Of course, you can combine words like this:

The letter identified the employer as a Canadian citizen.

When you can start the project
If the supply is infinite or at the end of a certain period of time

  • Is it full-time or part-time?
  • Do you pay or do we not pay?
  • What are your responsibilities

As you can see, there are many similarities between service delivery and service delivery. However, if you look closely, service delivery is more focused on the future than on the past. Regardless, please read my section on the subject of the service for Express Access.

The difference between a letter of thought and a planned work
We can summarize the differences in the following list:

  • Although this is not always the case, the title of the letter may indicate its meaning.
  • As mentioned earlier, the gift of employment focuses on the future, but a letter indicating the work of the past.
  • You can support a job description letter with documents such as a contract, employment contract or
  • payment. However, such data do not exist to provide the intended service.
  • Providing the right service to access the regular card often requires LMIA. However, a letter of recommendation is a simple letter from your manager or HR department.
  • Scheduled service from Canadian service providers only. Alternatively, you can get job descriptions from Canada and non-Canada.

Therefore, you may receive a different service offer from your employer. In this case, you need to evaluate both the job description letter and the job offer. Sometimes, they want to collect two books. However, I do not recommend this project because it confuses immigration officials.

Can I use older services for Express installation?
The simple answer is “no.” When applying for Admission, you need to show that your employer is ready to hire you when you become a regular resident. Having alternative services supports this need. On the contrary, the old service is provided without support sentences for the permanent residence application. Please, be sure to read my section on the service offer to see if this is the case.